Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sleep, what's that??

Teeth....something that I really dislike at the moment. Why you ask?? Well Avery has been teething now for three months and there is NOTHING to show for it. The last two weeks have been a nightmare. She's not sleeping, and she's waking up every hour or other hour. It's really made my life a crazy world. I'm just waiting for those pearly whites to pop on out and say hello. I wish they would hurry!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I would say that my heart melts an average of 5 times a day from things that my kids do or say. Yesterday was the biggest of them all thus far in my life as a mommy. As I was coming downstairs to leave for the days' errands, Aiden looks up at me and says "mommy, your bootiful.".


Ah, I love that little boy more than anything and the love that I have for him grew in that moment a million times over.

Motherhood is the greatest gift I've ever received!!