Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School, Soccer and Swimming...OH MY!

Summer, OH summer, where have you gone? Why does it feel like only yesterday that I started my outdoor swim lessons?

I'm sad to see it go, but happy at the same time. The close of summer brings all sorts of new changes for the Callas Family!

Luke is now employed by Frederick County (YAY) and no longer has to commute to FRO RO! There are several other perks but it's definitely a change for everyone!

Aiden started preschool last Thursday and let me just say...WHAAAAA HOOOOO!! He loves it! He actually cried this morning when I went to drop him off at Miss Terri's house. He only has school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so today he's at daycare all day. He really pitched a fit because he couldn't go to his 'big boy school'. I hope this attitude continues well into his high school years!

He also started soccer this week. It's pretty comical to watch. There are no actual games, he's just learning how to play....well sort of. His idea of learning is running in circles for an hour...and maybe kicking the ball a few times. I know hes having a great time, which makes me happy! In warm ups on Monday, the coach was having the kids stretch out and she asked them to swing their arms as if they were swimming. MY CHILD gets down on his tummy and really pretends to swim...figures having a mom for a swim teacher :)

Speaking of swimming, work is as busy as ever! I was hoping to get a vacation sometime in the near future, but looks like I'll have to wait.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, Monday

I have to take a moment to sit and reflect on this day...

this slow, slow day :)

I love those days. The ones that draaaaaaaag on! They don't happen often so when they do I really have to try to appreciate them!

I spent most of my day in the office catching up on the never ending pile of paperwork. Who knew there was so much office work with running a little swim lessons company.

I did have a few lessons today and one in particular stands out in my mind. I have a little boy, about 5 years old who doesn't like to put his face in the water. He says (about 20 times in our half hour class)

"Miss Noelle, I don't want to go underground."

I can't help but chuckle to myself every time he says it.

I was able to get him to go under, not once, but many times today. Each time he brings his head out of the water he looks at me and says "that wasn't so bad".

Ah, I love what I do!

I got to come home earlier than usual today! It was supposed to be Aiden's first day of Littles soccer, however I was informed earlier in the day that it's parents only today. Aiden was sorely disappointed, as he'd been looking forward to it all day. I went to his meeting solo only to find out we were supposed to bring them after all. The paper did say PARENTS ONLY in big bold letters. Oh well!

Next week will be a hoot! What can possibly get accomplished with dozens of 3-5 year olds running round with little soccer balls?? I'm so looking forward to it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Babies and dancing....

Two things that, when put together, can produce some pretty funny moments.

Avery and dancing....

Two things that, when put together, DEFINITELY produce EXTREMELY FUNNY moments.

This girl can dance (a HUGE understatement).

I know as a mom, we are always the first to laugh and smile at our own children and their funniness, however Avery is hysterical when she dances.

First, she loves Brittany Spears. Anytime she comes on the radio, Avery freezes for a moment, gets this huge smile on her face and then breaks out in, what I like to call, the dip. She bobs up and down (to the beat) while swaying back and forth.

Exhibit A....

A BIG week!

As I'm winding down my [lazy] weekend, I can't help but be a little nervous about how this week will pan out. We have two pretty big firsts happening this week!

1- Aiden will start his first 'organized' sport. Soccer to be exact! I'm not sure just how organized you can be with a thousand 3-5 year olds running around, but I'm excited for him none-the-less! He too seems super excited. He's asked about it for the last 4 evenings. While tucking him in, he asks "mom, is tomorrow my soccer day?"

Too cute!

2- Aiden starts preschool this week! Daycare hasn't exactly been the easiest thing for me to make decisions on, but I'm pretty confident in this choice!! He calls it his 'big boy' school!

I can't help but to feel a little sad too. My big boy is growing up so fast!