Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roseola, Part 2

The fever has gone, and now the nasty rash has reared it's ugly head. It appeared this morning and it's all over his little body, even on his face. I've seen pictures of other children with the rash on them and Aiden is very lucky! His isn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

Through it all, he has been a little angel (well for the most part ;)). You wouldn't know he was sick. I'm definitley glad the fever is gone though. I had a hard time sleeping knowing his fever could have spiked up over night.
We had a very lazy day today. Luke worked all day, so Aiden and I layed around the house. We were supposed to go swimming with our neighbors, but the sun decided to hide all day. It was nice to do NOTHING though....sometimes we need those days!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs when it comes to sicknesses. I'm sure it will only get bumpier as we get older. Aiden spent most of February, March and half of April sick. Here it is the middle of June and he hasn't been sick since.

Well...that was until Wednesday :(

He woke up from his afternoon nap with a temperature of 103. I thought nothing of it really because this same thing happened last month and I gave him one dose of Tylenol and it went away and never returned. This time around I did the same thing, but three hours later the fever spiked back up. This went on for two days. The STRANGE thing is that there is nothing else going on (his noes is running a little bit, but it's clear). He's happy, eating, drinking, playing....all else normal, just this HOT HOT body.

I decided that yesterday, since it spiked back up to 102.7 that I would take him to the dr. I was betting on ear infection. He gets one everytime he's finished a round of teething and he is getting his incisors in right now. Off to the dr we went...

We saw Dr. Schultz who's not our normal doc, but he's great with children. Dr. S checked the little man out and there was NOTHING WRONG with him. I couldn't believe I said, I would have put money on the ears! The doctor did suspect Roseola.

Roseola (also known as sixth disease, exanthem subitum, and roseola infantum) is a viral illness in young children, most commonly affecting those between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. It is typically marked by several days of high fever, followed by a distinctive rash just as the fever breaks.

Nothing to worry about...we just need to wait it out. Here it is day 4 and fever is still around, but he's as happy as a clam!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Luke and I have been discussing the purchase of a bike trailer for some time now. He's training to be on the bike at work and I am just plain training (BTW, tri is in a month...YIKES). Given our current financial situation, we don't have tons of money to put out on one. However, we were lucky enough to purchase one from our wonderful neighbors (thanks J & S)!!!

We took her out for a spin on Tuesday. It was so great. The trailer is attached to my bike so I got in an extra work out. We went about 4 miles all around our neighborhood. Aiden seemed to really enjoy himself, although his helmet kept falling down into his face. We bought him one that's a little big because we couldn't find one for someone his size. He does have a pretty big it sort of fits.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day (Bilated, that is)

Another Fathers day under Luke's belt!! It was a good day. We started off the day hanging out at home. Luke worked Saturday night so he was a little tired when he got home. After resting for a bit, we headed up to watch Luke's flag football game. Aiden was surprisingly well behaved. He's usually trying to run around and play all the little games (he LOVES the dance dance revolution game). Instead of the usual, he sat right next to me and snacked on the goodies I brought for him. He did a little climbing on the bleachers but stayed close by!! On top of it all Luke's team WON!!

Later Sunday afternoon we took Pops out for dinner at Houlihans. That restaurant is very good. Luke and I have been there twice now and the food is delicious. After stuffing our bellies, we came home, layed around some, played in the backyard and ended our day with some yummy ice cream from Baskin Robbins (Luke's favorite)!!

It was a great Fathers Day!

A silly Aiden sitting and eating his din din!

Mommy and Aiden being silly!
The Callas Men
Aiden being a goofball (AGAIN) for daddy!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I LOVE my life

I SHOULD say this more often!

I am so very lucky. I have the greatest family and friends but most importantly, I have the most wonderful husband and he gave me the best thing that someone could have given me....our Aiden! Sometimes I take things for granted, but after spending these last two months home, I sort of look at things a little differently.

Times can be hard, but at the end of the day, we have each other, and the time that we spend together is far better than anyTHING we have!

Aiden and I spent the afternoon out back last night after Luke went to work and we just had the best time. My heart melts every time he smiles at me, or says "mamma". On several occasions he walked up to me with BIG open arms and gave me the biggest bear hug he could muster (of course he immediately runs away to play some more).

For these simplicities, I'll say it again....I LOVE MY LIFE!

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Mackenzie and Aiden just love to wait at the window for daddy to get home. I finally caught them in action!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Congrats to Nanna!!

Aiden's Nanna, Robyn retired today! We are so happy for her and now that she's done working, Aiden is going to have his Nanna around SO MUCH MORE! She's already been there for us so much and we couldn't be more grateful. We feel so lucky to have her around.

Thursday they had a retirement celebration for her so Luke, Aiden and I headed down to take part in the festivities. We had great time. I think Aiden was a little overwhelmed at the number of strange women coming up to him telling him how cute he was, but he enjoyed himself, none the less.

Congrats Nanna on all your years of service and welcome to retirement!!

Our LITTLE bully

Here's a video from this morning...Aiden was beating daddy up with the foam blocks!!

I think we may have the WWF calling us some day.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wonderful Weekends!

This weekend was another GREAT and BUSY one. Friday, my sis and I got together and walked in the park again. Then she came over and we took the kiddies to the pool. They had a great time splashing and playing together (they really do love each other so much).

Saturday morning was Aiden's show for the Winchester Little Gym. It's been a wonderful session with the WLG and we have thoroughly (and I streess WE) enjoyed each Saturday with Miss Laura. Aiden has learned so many things there and he's met so many friends. Aiden's grandparents came out to watch all the cool things that he learned. Saturday afternoon we headed over to celebrate another of my friends 30th birthday.

Sunday we went out to my dad's house for a BBQ. We don't get to see him THAT often so when we do it's so special. Aiden played on the slip n slide and my dad has this great playground! Aiden and I had such a great time!

The time is flying by so fast...before we know it, it will be Christmas again...YIKES!!

Here are some pics of us swimming!!

Show week at the WLG!! Way to go Aiden!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Picnic at the Park

My lil' sis Danielle has been trying to get me to come to the park and motivate her to walk and get some exercise. Yesterday we finally got the chance to meet up! We packed up the kiddies and the strollers and we headed to Jim Barnette for some exercise and fun.

We walked around the park while Aiden and Teagahn chatted it up. The humidity killed though. Good thing is was cloudy because had the sun been out we would have been drenched. Once we were done walking we took the kids to the playground.

Aiden has really come a long way on the playground. JBP has a great one for smaller children. Round and round we went....up the ramp...down the slide...up the ramp...down the slide. After about 100 rounds of this Aiden decided that it was time to swing. For those who have never been to JBP...they have the COOLEST swings. The are these big chairs and they seem very comfortable for the kids to sit in and enjoy the ride. Aiden was pretty content for a while. So much in fact that, when it was time to go, he threw ANOTHER tantrem (HAHA).

By this time it was almost noon and Dan and I were getting hungry. She recommended salads from Martins (YUM!). We went and picked our salads and some goodies for the kids and headed back to the park for a picnic lunch. We had a really great time. I love that she's living here and that A and T will grow to be so close. They love each other so much already, you can tell. I cherish this time that I get to spend with my little sister as well! She's a wonderful mother!

I can't wait for all the times to come that we will get to hang out again!!

BTW: I really need to get better at taking my camera with me....I forgot it AGAIN so I didn't get any pictures (AARRRGG)!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Hump Day to Me!!


It has been a day of tantrems from my wonderful baby boy...

First it was the tantrem in the morning because mommy took a bite of his blueberry waffle (when did my little boy care about such things)?

Then after his nap I decided that it would be a good time to go grocery shopping. I knew I only had a little bit of time before lunch so I hurried. Well about ten minutes into the trip tantrem number two began. He wanted to get down, so in the quiet isle I let him run. BOY WAS THAT A MISTAKE. As soon as I tried to put him back in the cart the screaming began (and it didn't end until we were almost home).
SIDE NOTE: I hate to admit that I used to be that person who would look at the parents of out of control children and wish they would just 'shut their kid up' but now I take all that back. I totally know how they felt...wondering who was
looking at them and thinking that same thing. It's really out of your hands to a
certain extent. Hopefully this 'tantrem' stage will go by fast, but I have a feeling it's gonna be with us for a while!!

Tantrem number three happened at lunch. Again, mommy was trying to show Aiden how to take a bite of his peanut butter cracker and he was not having that. The peanut butter cracker went flying and screaming resumed. I had to give him a new cracker to eat (BTW, he pulls the sides apart and licks the peanut butter off cute).

Tantrem number four happened at the playground when mommy tried to take away a cup that belonged to another child.

And finally the afternoon tantrem (YES that makes NUMBER FIVE). This one happened because mommy yelled at the little bugger because he decided to fill an entire cuppy with water from the dispenser on the fridge and then thought it would be a good idea to dump it all over himself and the kitchen loor. Again I ask, since when did he become smart AND tall enough to do such a thing??

The evening was pretty uneventful (THANK GOODNESS)!!! Luke's on nights this week so Aiden and I get lots of time to hang out together. He ate really well at dinner. We attempted to take a bath but due the the storm we opted against it. Now he's upstairs sleeping peacefully and I have a quiet TANTREM FREE house!!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!


Monday, June 8, 2009

The animals in our back yard!

Yesterday was Luke's mom's birthday so we thought it would be a great idea to take her with us to Wilson's Petting Zoo. I hate to admit that in all the years I've lived in this area, I'd never been there before.


There were not only deer and goats, but we saw bears, some sort of BIG cat, lions, camels, get it. In a way it was sort of sad to see some of those animals....they should probably be running wild in Africa somewhere...but at least Aiden got a good learning experience out of it!

Let me tell you, he loved loved LOVED feeding the animals..but then again, what kid doesn't.
We spent a lot of time at this one particular goat pin. They were the loudest goats I'd ever heard (not that I've been around a ton of goats or anything). Once Aiden was done feeding them we all began to walk away and all of sudden one of the goats BAAAHHHed (sp??) really loudly. It's startled Aiden so badly that he began to cry. It took everything Luke and I had not to laugh...poor baby ;)

here are some of the pics we took!!

Feeding the cute deer!
I don't know what Aiden is doing here??

Daddy and Aiden feeding the goats

A VERY happy boy!
more pictures to come!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tummy Slide

It's crazy that there are so many things to consider once your child really begins to move around. For example, in our house we have what seems like the STEEPEST and LONGEST set of stairs. Aiden just about gives me a heart attack every time he gets anywhere near the top of them. Unfortunatly, the stairs are his favorite place in the WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE to play..AAARRRGG!

We keep them gated but he's starting to get strong and he's pulling them down.


I began teaching him the proper way to handle the top of the stairs. I showed him that instead of going forward and trying to take a step down, he's to turn around, get on his knees and back up onto the stairs and go down them backwards on his knees. Surprisingly, he's grasped the concept really well. However, insead of going down the stairs one by one, he stretches his legs out behind him and slides down backwards on his tummy. I'm shocked that by now he doesn't have the worst rug burn on his belly.

It's really funny to watch. I'm still trying to get a shot of him in motion but it's proven to be really difficult because by the time I get my camera, he's down the whole staircase little buggar!!

Once I do get a shot...I'll be sure to share!! Until then, here are few of Aiden watching his FAVORITE SHOW in the entire world...YO GABBA's a weird one but he loves it!!
His hair is really getting long and curly!!

He's really concentration on something (BTW...this is how he uses the potty too..hehe)