Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Dreaded Decisions

Since becoming a parent, decisions are ususally made after much thought is put into them and they don't normally come easy (at least to me).

Pampers or huggies?

Swaddle or don't?

Let them cry it out or not?

I mean the list goes on and on. I'm a very indecisive person any way so now that I have to make decisision for another person...YIKES!

Most of the time I have managed, but there is one decision that has taken me8 LONG MONTHS to make.


Since having Avery, we knew that our current (at the time) situation was going to change, as she doesn't take children under the age of 2. This posed a whole new set of decisions to make:

Do we leave Aiden where he is and put Avery somewhere else?

Do we move Aiden (AGAIN) so that he and his sister are together?

Do we put Aiden in an actual preschool somewhere?

AHHHHHH, it's just been too much for me to think about. It took Aiden so long to get used to this current place that I just couldn't see moving him. Plus he'd grown very fond of his teacher and her kids. BUT.....having he and Avery together would be great for both of them (not to mention easy on mommy).

The other thing is that in reality all could stay the same. Aiden could stay where he was and Avery could stay home with Nana, but this too had some major cons and I needed a change!

Luke and I went back and forth about what to do and since it was SUCH a hard decision to make we always just let it go and continued on with life. Then after Christmas I decided to make a move.

We got some reccomendations from a few friends and I knew a few of my swim moms who did daycare nearby so in January we decided to start interviewing candidates for both kids.

The first two were good, but then....we met with Miss Winsome! I've known her for a while since I taught her little boy to swim and we always talked about the possibiltiy of having the kids come to her once the new year arrived but I always disregarded since I was so wishy washy with what I was going to do. Winsome was our last interview and I was very eager to see how she ran things. From the first day I met this woman, there was something very sincere and calming about her. I could tell by her child's manners and nature that he was brought up very well too!!

Let me tell you....I've never made a decision so easily as I did once I left this woman's house! It was perfect and it was like this huge weight had been lifted off my chest! EASY decision!

We are now in day three of our new school and I couldn't be happier. Aiden and Avery both seem to love it. I don't have to fight Aiden to get dressed in the morning and he talks about Miss Winsome constantly!


I'm crying just talking about it...I'm so happy!