Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Callas Christmas

Deorations, dancing, eating, presents and family...oh my!

Christmas this year has been a whirlwind, that's for sure. Luckily we were able to stay local and just do some short distance traveling to visit extended family. I love staying home for Christmas, For one, it makes all the decorating well worth it come the big day and two, it makes life so much easier with a toddler terror on the lose (I say that with all the love in the world..wink)!

Christmas eve we traveled to Waynesboro, PA to visit Luke's grandfather (the man's in his eighties and you would never know it). Luke was unable to join us, as work called again this year (one of these days he will have the holiday off). Papa, as we call him, has been working on a train masterpiece for quite some time and given that Aiden just adores anything having to do with trains, Papa became his favorite person this holiday season! We spent a great deal of time in the basement admiring his work of art.

We were also able to spend some time with Luke's cousins who we don't get to see but once a year. Aiden has a second cousin, Joshua who he just adores. He follows Josh around like a little shadow. We all had a great time hanging out, eating and catching up on each other's lives.

Christmas day had finally arrived! Luke worked over night so I kept Aiden upstairs until Luke got home and changed (poor baby..he was absolutely exhausted but kept himself awake all mroning just for us!). We decided that it would be best to bring down one big gift at a time. When Aiden woke up from sleeping all night he came downstairs to find a basketball hoop. He was more than excitded about his new toy! He played with daddy all morning while I cooked everyone breakfast. When we finally pried Aiden away for the hoop, we got him to open one gift from under the tree. Last year Aiden was NOT into opening gifts at all. This year...totlally different stroy. He ripped through the paper and to his surpirse found a 'shoo shoo' as he likes to call it. The remainder of the monring was spent playing with the two new toys Santa brought him.

Luke's side of the family came to our house this year to spend the day. Everyone arrived around 2pm and instead of a traditional Christmas dinner, we decided to go light on the food and cooked things like meatballs and pigs in a blanket. I broke down and cooked mashed potatos (I can't live without them) and then we had a plethora of desserts (of course)!

When Aiden woke up from his nap we decided to let him discover his second BIG gift from Santa, a kitchen (while the basketball somehow dissapeared for the rest of the day). Down the stairs he came and when he saw it, his eyes lit up so big! Overwhelmed he was but he sat at that kitchen and made us all a wonderful dinner :)

After we ate we dug into the sea of gifts under the tree. Aiden was certainly beside himself with all the opening. He spent the remainder of the day playing with his kitchen, his new tools, and Nana and Poppy got him a Police Cozy Coupe that he couldn't stay away from (needless to say our child got WAY TOO MANY GIFTS this year)!

It was a great day!

On a side note some of the more notable gifts received this year:

I got a beautiful new charm bracelet (I lost my other one) and my first charm says 'I love to swim'! Oh yeah..and I got a wet suit...YIPPEE!!

Luke got a gym membership that he's been asking for, for about a year now.

Robyn got a new computer and a locket from Aiden that says 'Nana'.

We are all truly blessed to be healthy and together on this Christmas!!

Here are some pics from our Christmas festivities!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

December Catch-up

Where did this month go. Here it is Christmas Eve and it felt like my birthday was yesterday. (Time, please SLOW down)!

I made a pact with myself this year that I would try to do as many seasonal things as I could with Aiden and I believe that my goal has been accomplished. Our tree went up super early this year! Aiden just loves it. Each morning he wakes up, runs out into the hall way and points down the stairs yelling 'tree' (in the cute little way that he does). When we come downstairs, he makes sure that all the lighs are on. We have a little Charlie Brown tree in the back of the house and he goes over and plugs it in along with the lights that drape the mantle. This same routine occurs in the evening as well, when he realizes that it's getting dark outside.

We have been very good about getting out around town and taking part in all the festivities of the season. Last month we took Aiden to see the parade in downtown Winchester and the lighting of the tree. And ff course we have now seen Santa about five times and each has ended in disaster (and by disaster I mean meltdown of tears which ususally lands him a 'pop' i.e. candycane)!

Last week Luke and I took Aiden to Clearbrook Park for the Winter Wonderland of lights. I was pleasantly suprised about how great it looked. We decided to go on one of the coldest nights of the year (go figure) but we still managed to have a great time. Aiden was in awe of everything (that's until we went to see Santa again in his cabin...MELTDOWN). Santa aside, I think he had a great time.

I have been doing so much baking and crafting this year. After some not so good luck in the beginning at bread baking, I think I have finally mastered it (it really doenst make any sense, as I have been making bread for years and have NEVER had this many problems). In addition to my breads I have branched out and conquered fudge (cookies and cream and it's DELISH) and a number of other goodes have been added to my repertoire this year!

I have also made all of my christmas gifts this year (well not Aiden's gifts of course, but the ones for extended family). Someone suggested I make blown egg ornaments as gifts so I decided to give it a try. Now for those of you who don't know, I am creatively challenged. I must say though, they turned out pretty good (I'll post pics later). They definitly look like a beginner's work but it's the thought that counts right??

'Tis the season!! I LOVE IT!

OH's an update on our little seed:

Aiden is talking so much these days. His vocabulary expands each day and it's incredible to watch. The other day he looked at me and said 'hey catch mommy' as he launched a large ball at my head. A sentence...well almost right? I screeched with glee! My little man is growing up.

Potty training has been put on the back burner for now. His interest has diminished, as there are WAY too many other things to be doing these days (pulling the Christmas tree ornamants down, playing with all the decoreations aroudn the house, dancing to Christmas music). He could careless about using the 'big boy' potty!

We are trying to get him to understand about the baby in mommy's belly. When asked what's in my belly he says baby and he gives her kisses every night (so CUTE). I'm sure he doesn't understand what's going on, but he will in 5 months!!

Lastly...what about that huge blizzard last weekend?? Aiden couldn't get enough of the snow. We were a little unprepared. We didn't have proper boots (we had rain boots) and what's up with the little people gloves?? They are all fleece and DON'T keep hands warm OR dry! We had to rig up some winter gear. It was pretty funny. Aiden had sandwich bags tied around his gloves and we had two pairs of socks on each foot covered wtih plastic bags stuffed inside his boots (don't laugh people...IT WORKED)!! We stayed outside for hours playing in the snow. Of course, once again this horrible mommy forgot her camera and didn't get any photos (hanging my head in shame). I really need to get better at that!

All bundled up for the big snow!
Daddy and Aiden decided to be funny!

Our little giver...he's learing early!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The nighttime routine is changing! Aiden is requesting daddy's presence more and more every day. The other night Luke and I took Aiden upstairs and while we were hanging out daddy started to give Aiden zerberts on his belly (Aiden spends a great deal of time running around his bedroom naked these days). Aiden thought it was the funniest thing ever. He decided that he wanted to do them too, so he attempted to give them back to daddy. He had little success, but each time he tried he would crack up hysterically.

It was one of those moments that reminded me how happy and lucky I am to have these two people in my life!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Aiden is STILL afraid of Santa. Last year's picture was classic. He was crying and trying to slide off Santa's lap (he did this for the mall Santa and our daycare party santa). This year, much of the same. Luke and I took him up to see the big man tonight. As we stood in line we talked about how much fun it was going to be to sit on Santa's lap and eat a pop (that's what he calls all hard candy).

Then it was our turn. The clinging onto mommy's neck got tighter as we approached the chair. When I tried to sit Aiden down on Santa's lap he stiffened up like a board and the tears came rolling out. I was determined to get this darn picture, so I settled for being in it too.

There is always next year right??

Aiden at the daycare party last Christmas...Aiden this year...THE SAME!

FUNdue Dinner!

I have the greatest friends in the world. I know I have said it a thousand times but what we have is so special. Most of us have been close since we were very young and the bonds have only grown stronger with time. Unfortunately some of the group has moved away and when they return home, we try to get as many of us together as possible.

Anie was in town last week so to celebrate her return (and my 30th) we decided to have a fondue dinner. I absolutely LOVE to fondue. It's really the greatest thing. I have to thank the Hornbaker family for introducing this fine art of eating to me!
We had such a great time...hanging out and catching up. I love these girls and am thankful everyday that I have each and every one of them in my life!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One little monkey jumping on the bed....

...he fell off and bumped his head.

YEAH...this was Aiden today. He was a BIG MONKEY.

For some reason, one day Luke and I thought it would be a great idea to let Aiden jump on the bed. It began when he started trying to jump on solid ground so we thought it would help him to grasp the idea if he were on a bouncy surface (we are obviously kicking ourselves now, but we were trying to help). We watch him very closely of course and allow him to bounce only for a short time.

This morning Aiden and I were hanging out in my room (well he was watching his show and I was folding clothes) and he wanted up on the bed. He was engrossed in his show so I assumed (and you know what that does) that he would sit down and continue to watch his show. Well once again mommy was WRONG! I bent down to grab the next article of clothing to be folded out of the basket and when I looked up I saw legs up and a little body flying through the air. Aiden had bounced himself backwards right off the bed. LUCKILY he had landed about a foot from the nightstand and on top of a BIG pile of pillows.

Momma didn't have to call the doctor this time and believe me....THERE WON'T BE A NEXT!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I wanna "DO-OVER"

I'm tired. It's 9:16 at night and I feel as though I might fall over (well actually I already have, as I am layed out on the couch typing this right now). Let's just say it's been a bit of a rough day.

It all began with two cute toddlers. Danielle brought T over this morning to spend the day with us. After breakfast I let the two little rascals run around the living room to play (keep in mind that the Christmas tree is in this room and Aiden has been told a thousand times to look, NOT touch)!

I turned away for a second and when I looked back to check on them, Aiden was naked, diaper and all. Teagahn was in the process of getting naked (she managed to get her PJs off). In each hand of both tots were Christmas balls from the tree. As soon as they caught a glimpse of me, they were off in different directions. Aiden just so happend to run straight for the front door and at the same time Nana happened to be coming in. He dropped one of the balls and of course it shattered on the ground in front of him.

At this point I was about to boil over with frustration. Thank goodness for Nana (although I'm sure she thought I was a little crazy when she walked in and saw what was going on).

I wanna DO OVER!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Perfect Weekend!!

What a weekend it has been!!

It started on Friday. Luke and I weren't supposed to find out the sex of the baby until this coming Monday. However, we were fortunate to be able to find out early, 11:00 am on Friday to be exact. Turns out, the Callas boys are capable of producing little girls!! I am absolutely thrilled!! We are stopping at two, so finding out this time was a little more special. We were hoping for a little girl. Having one of each makes things just perfect!

It was such a pleasant surprise to wake up to snow falling on Saturday. I love a GOOD snow. It turns out Aiden does too. He couldn't stay away from the window! He walked back and forth between the window and front door all morning pointing and saying "noooow". Last year he was still a little small to really appreciate/understand the snow.

This Saturday was special for another reason too. It was my BIG 3-0! Yes, I have finally caught up with the rest of my friends and have entered the dreaded thirties. I welcome this next chapter of my life with open arms. It can only get better! To celebrate the big day, Luke and I headed down to DC with my Aunt Cyndi. We went out on a boat to watch the Festival of Lights boat parade in old town Alexandria. Afterwards we got dropped off in Georgetown where we had an awesome dinner. It was such an awesome day (despite driving in the snow)!
What a truly perfect weekend!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

FINALLY, some movement

I can't even begin to name all the things that are different about this pregnancy. For one, I was sick as a dog this go round for most of the first trimester. With Aiden, I recall two days where I felt a little sick for maybe an hour each day. With this pregnancy, I'm so tired, STILL. I'm not used to being tired. I"m a go go go type of person. I am constantly doing something, even around the house, it's rare for me to just sit in front of the TV (ok, well I do spend a lot of time on my computer, but usually its because I'm working). I've been exhausted for most of the time and it's really beginning to annoy me!

More recently I've been waiting for the movement to begin. I felt Aiden at week 14, which is very early to feel it, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. Here it is week 17 (almost 18) and I still hadn't felt anything. I was beginning to get a little worried. We haven't been back to the dr in 5 weeks (she scheduled it that way so we wouldn't have to come in for two separate visits to see the ultrasound doctor), and I didn't rent a heartrate monitor like I did with Aiden. So as you can imagine, I've been a little nervous about the well being of our little peanut.

Then, FINALLY on Monday I felt the little thumping against my insides. WHEW! I love love love feeling the baby move. I have felt him/her everyday this week!!! Most of the time I can feel the movement at night (which is how it was with Aiden in the beginning).

Aiden kicked the crap out of me in the second half of my pregnancy. he was a mover, that's for sure (which is still the case, as I can barely keep up with him when he's funning full speed ahead). I woudn't mind at all if this child were a lazy one in the womb, as long as he/she reminds me occasionally that they are in there!

Oh, BTW, we find out the sex of the baby on Monday. I'm bracing for the word "BOY" but we are really hoping for a girl!! Of course we will be happy no matter what!!

I'll keep you posted.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Funny Little Swimmer

I have a cute story about one of my adorable little swimming students. Yesterday we were going over our safety rules.

I asked him "Nate, what do you do in an emergency?" Tell a lifeguard" he replied.

"What if there isn't a lifeguard around? Who could you call?"

"Hmm, well I guess you should call the ambulance."

After discussing how to call the ambulance I asked him, "What would you tell the ambulance?"

He said, and with confidence I might add, "I'd tell them to tell the lifeguard."

I laughed out loud at that moment and giggled about it then for the remainder of the afternoon.

Kids truly do say the funniest things.

Did I mention how much I love my new career path!! Kids are the joys of our planet and I get to work with them doing something I really love, swim!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had an amazing Thanksgiving this year. Luke and I had dinner at our house (I cooked my first turkey) and it all turned out very well! Here are some of the pictures we took!


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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Things I'm Thankful For!

I can't even begin to name all the things I'm thankful for! Here are the most important things:

1. My wonderful husband. I don't know if there is a greater man on the Earth. He loves his family with all his heart and I can't imagine this life without him. On top of it all, he puts his life on the line everyday for complete strangers. He is a GREAT man!

2. My beautiful Aiden. Where oh where would I be without him? I can't even imagine it. He has brought so much happiness to me and my heart is full of love. It's making my tear up just talkinig about it.

3. My current pregnancy. I'm so very thankful for the ability to have children and with the new addition coming to us, I couldn't be happier. While our family is wonderful now, another little one will only make things bigger and better!

4. My Family. Spending time with them is precious.

5. My friends. It's rare to go through life an have someone whom you can rely on when you need them. I have MANY people like that. I love all of my friends and feel truly blessed to have each and every one of them in my life!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little Angel

Something strange is in the air.

I don't know what, but for the last two days Aiden has been an absolute delight. Maybe it's because we have spent some time apart earlier last week. Luke and I have done some major redecorating of the first floor of our house so we had Aiden go stay with his Nanna for a night, but with naps and working I really hadn't gotten the chance to spend quality time with him.

Yesterday after he got up from his nap we met my sister to do some Christmas shopping and he was so good. Usually he gets antsy going from store to store, getting in and out of the car. He remained so content all day. Danielle and T came over to stay the night and the kids just played so great together. We listened to Christmas music and danced around and had the greatest time.

Today, Luke had a football game this morning so Aiden and I decided to go watch. Again, Aiden was a perfect angel. He sat on the bleachers and watched his daddy run up and down the field, cheering him on.

Something must be in the air...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Man, I have really been MIA lateley from blogging. I am just so busy with life. Let's see....things going on in the WORLD OF CALLAS:

1. WORK-it's going really well. I'm about to hire someone on for 2010 because I have taken on so much business that I can't handle it all by myself. I am also trying to get my website done(with the help of my wonderful mom, LOVE YA MOM).
2. CHILDREN-for those of you who don't already know, we are expecting our second child in May...the 9th to be exact. I'm now 14 weeks along and man, has this pregnancy been rough. With Aiden I felt great, from day one on. I have been so sick this go round and I'm hoping, NO I'M PRAYING that it goes away soon!
3. AIDEN-technically he should be part of number 2 but lately he's a category all of his own! He's talking so much now, saying so many words. He is even saying a phrase now, "there it is"! OH, and the MELTDOWNS...they are a pretty common occurance these days. Whenever he hears the word 'NO' he just loses it. It was amusing at first, now it's just plain annoying. Ah, the phases. Let this be a quick one!
4. HOUSE- since our patio has been done, we were able to get some room opened up in our house, so we have decided to do a complete remodel of the downstairs. We are basically going to rearrage rooms, making our living room space much larger to accomodate TWO children's things, instead of just one :) In addition to this, I have already began to 'nest' therefore I will be purging all of the unnecessary things from this house. PLUS, I have to pull out all the 'fat Noelle' clothes because I have already popped out and can no longer fit the size 2 that I worked so hard to get into (I know this is a good thing..but can't a girl dream about her size 2 jeans)!! Switching out wardrobes is no easy task...this alone will take days.

See...I have been busy. No time for blogging. I'll try harder though...need to keep those memories alive somehow!

Monday, November 2, 2009


The Callas family went all out this year and decided to all dress up to go trick or treating. It also happened that Saturday was one of Aiden's good friend's 3rd birthday party too! We went to Nattie's party (a BARBIE party) and then afterwards we headed out into the neighborhood.

I was a little worried with how Aiden would handle all the 'scary' parts of Halloween, but he had the best time. There was a group of about 15 of us.

Aiden taking a swing at Natalie's Barbie pinata! He actually did really well!

The boys taking a spin in the barbie car....I guess it was only fair considering they were the only boys there!

Aiden watching Nattie open up her gifts!

VĂ­spera de todos los Santos feliz!

Diego and Boots...cruisin' the neighboorhood looking for treats!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Haircut

We took Aiden to get his first real haircut today. I have trimmed it myself a few times since he was born, hence the reason for needing to get a real haircut. I was slowly giving him a mullet..haha!

We decided to take him to a barber as opposed to a salon. That was our first mistake. Sitting behind the chair was an older gentleman who obviously thought that my sons hair was too long. I politely asked him to "trim" Aiden's hair so that the curls were still intact. It appears that those words went in one ear and out the other because the scissors started moving and hair was flying everywhere. Before I knew it, my little baby boy was gone and there was a little boy sitting in front of me. I didn't cry, although I really wanted to.

I must say, it looks great, but I do miss the curls!!



Spoon Trick

Sometimes my child does the most bizzare things. I don't know where he gets them either. The other day I heard the silverware drawer being tossed around. I went into the kitchen to see what was going on and Aiden was pulling two spoons out. He has to just reach and pull whatever he can grab (hence all the noise). Usually I will take them away but for some reason I decided the let him go about his business. He took the spoon over to the other side of the kitchen, threw it on the floor and then preceeded to stand on one foot while looking at the spoon. All I could think what 'What on Earth is he doing?' Was he looking at himself do a cool trick in the spoon? Was he just trying to copy something he saw on one of his shows? It's a total mystery. He did this all day too.

Weird right???

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A New (Yet Old) Friend

Aiden and Elmo....quite the odd couple if you ask me. We got Aiden Elmo for his first birthday and he RARELY ever acknowkedges the little red talking doll. In fact, I think he's only played with him maybe five times.

Today was a totally different story. He carried Elmo around with him everywhere.
First, they colored together.

Then elmo got carried around by his necklace for a bit.

Then Aiden tried to share his drink with Elmo.

Then Aiden tackled elmo and they wrestled for a bit.

Then Elmo got to take a ride on Aiden's car (which he NEVER shares with anyone).

Now he's been asking to watch Elmo on TV...he's so freaking cute!!