Friday, February 12, 2010

The Great Snow of 2010!

Here are some the pics from our wonderful snow storm.

Aiden had a great time sledding through the three feet of snow (I think daddy had an even better time though)!

I felt really bad because I couldn't help Luke shovel so I had to chase Aiden around the block. He loved playing in the snow so much. Every time I turned around, his face was buried in the snow trying to eat it. His poor little cheeks were bright red after 5 minutes. I even caught him trying to eat some dirty snow (good thing it wasn't yellow)!

I do love the snow, but I must say that I've had enough. On to spring already!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Beautiful Two Year Old

Aiden is two. I know, I can't believe it either!

The great "Blizzard of 2010" put a bit of a damper on our party plans for Saturday, however the most important people were all here to celebrate (mommy, daddy, and Kenzie)! I didn't order a cake (thank goodness) because of the possibility of snow. When we woke up on Saturday I cooked a wonderful breakfast and decided I would bake a cake for later. After scouring the pantry for a box of cake mix I discovered that I was without. All I had was a box of spice cake mix. UM, I think not!

I decided that I would attempt to make a cake from scratch. A chocolate cake at that! I had everything I needed so when Aiden went down for his nap I set out on my mission. The cake batter looked great and I even made Luke try some. He informed me that I was good so in the oven it went. Surprisingly, it turned out OK. My penmanship when using icing isn't the greatest but Aiden didn't seem to care!
Once Aiden woke up we had a few of the neighbors over and enjoyed a yummy piece of chocolate cake. Aiden even blew out both of his candles all by himself!

My baby is growing up. It makes momma sad.
Aiden enjoying his cake. I had minimal to work with in the way of writing as you can see! It was yummy though!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bad Ninny!

Ok, so we have decided that it's finally that rid Aiden of his pacifier. He's been a 'sleep only user' since he was one and now that he's about to turn two, it's time for it to be GONE.

Last night, was the night! We tried cold turkey before and it didn't work so this time we decided to do the cutting of the ninny!

Luke snipped off the end and when we handed it to him he looked at it, looked at us, then looked back at it and tossed it away.

We thought, "wow, that's easy" but such was not the case.

We resumed the nighttime routine and when we left, he cried for a bit but then went to sleep.

I couldn't tell if he tried to sleep with it or not, but he DID sleep through the night and seemed well rested this morning.

Fast forward to nap time today!

Once again he didn't seem too happy about the "broken" ninny but I left him to it. He cried for a little while and then there was silence. After about 10 minutes I decided to peek in on him with the monitor and discovered he wasn't asleep at all. In fact, he was very much awake and talking. I listened very closely and all of a sudden I saw him pull his paci from his mouth, hold it out in front of him and say "bad ninny, no!". He did this over and over again for some time. At one point he even began to discipline his monkey.

He never ended up going to sleep today. He actually began to cry hystericallly after being in his room for about two hours so I gave in and brought him out.

This evening was successful. He went down after only fussing for about five minutes.

I'm keeping my fingers cross that this is it!! NO MORE NINNY!! NO MORE NINNY!

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Daycare Adventure

Today was Aiden's first day at the new daycare. This woman is wonderful and I think Aiden's time here will be very good for him! He's been home with me for almost a whole year now and I think it's about time he get some good old fashioned structure in his life.

(I hate to admit that working from home doesn't exactly allow me to give Aiden the best structured day)

So, drop off today went better than expected. He only cried for a second before I left. I thought about him all day, wondering how he was doing, but knowing he was fine. I daydreamed about how it would play out when I picked him up. I imagined that I would walk in and he would yell "mommy" and run up to me. That's not exactly how it happened.

First, when I walked in I turned the corner, Aiden looked up briefly and then resumed his play on the floor. No biggie right?? Well then I noticed something very blue around his mouth. It seems that he tricked his caregiver into giving him his paci all day. I feel bad because I think my reaction was a bit much and she felt very guilty for having given it to him, but I simply explained that he only gets it at sleep time. My fault..I should have been clear about that up front.

Little bugger...tricky one, he is!

Needless to say, I didn't get the big exaggerated welcome I was hoping for, but it was still wonderful to see him at the end of the day! Apparently he did great and aside from the paci fit, he didn't cry a bit all day!

Hopefully tomorrow is much better!