Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mommy, they left me.

There are several little girls that have taken a particular liking to Aiden in our neighborhood. One of them owns an electric scooter and it's become Aiden's favorite thing. When we arrive home from school each day Keeley and her scooter are the first things he ask for.

The other day Keeley had a friend over for the evening and both girls came to play with Aiden. They took turns riding him around on the scooter and he was having the time of his life. Later in the evening I went outside to get him ready for bed and he was standing on the sidewalk crying hysterically. Naturally I ran over to see if he was hurt and when I didn't see any scratches I asked him what was the matter. He pointed off into the distance and said "Mommy, they left me". When I looked up I could see Keeley and her little friedn riding off into the distance on her scooter. I looked back at Aiden and for a brief moment my heart broke a little for him. I tried to get him to understand that Keeley was a big girl and that she and her friend wanted to do big girl things together, but he didn't understand a bit. I just picked him up and gave him the biggest hug and together we retunred inside.

It was the first of many times, I'm sure, that I will have to console him.

Friday, July 16, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog...

I used to always laugh at people when they would say they wished there was more time in the day. I didn't quite understand why UNTIL NOW!

I can barely find time to breathe let alone blog about my days, however after thinking long and hard about it, I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to remember things unless I write them down, so...

I'm back!!!

I'm hoping to blog daily but given that my life has been flipped upside down, we'll see how that goes!

Speaking of flipping, my life is C-R-A-Z-Y right now. Between my terrible (I say that in the most loving way possible) two year old, a 10 week old newbie, a dog who barks at EVERYTHING and a company that now has 9 employees, (whew, I'm tired just typing this) I'm just spinning.

Life is good, busy but good!