Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Haircut

We took Aiden to get his first real haircut today. I have trimmed it myself a few times since he was born, hence the reason for needing to get a real haircut. I was slowly giving him a mullet..haha!

We decided to take him to a barber as opposed to a salon. That was our first mistake. Sitting behind the chair was an older gentleman who obviously thought that my sons hair was too long. I politely asked him to "trim" Aiden's hair so that the curls were still intact. It appears that those words went in one ear and out the other because the scissors started moving and hair was flying everywhere. Before I knew it, my little baby boy was gone and there was a little boy sitting in front of me. I didn't cry, although I really wanted to.

I must say, it looks great, but I do miss the curls!!



Spoon Trick

Sometimes my child does the most bizzare things. I don't know where he gets them either. The other day I heard the silverware drawer being tossed around. I went into the kitchen to see what was going on and Aiden was pulling two spoons out. He has to just reach and pull whatever he can grab (hence all the noise). Usually I will take them away but for some reason I decided the let him go about his business. He took the spoon over to the other side of the kitchen, threw it on the floor and then preceeded to stand on one foot while looking at the spoon. All I could think what 'What on Earth is he doing?' Was he looking at himself do a cool trick in the spoon? Was he just trying to copy something he saw on one of his shows? It's a total mystery. He did this all day too.

Weird right???

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A New (Yet Old) Friend

Aiden and Elmo....quite the odd couple if you ask me. We got Aiden Elmo for his first birthday and he RARELY ever acknowkedges the little red talking doll. In fact, I think he's only played with him maybe five times.

Today was a totally different story. He carried Elmo around with him everywhere.
First, they colored together.

Then elmo got carried around by his necklace for a bit.

Then Aiden tried to share his drink with Elmo.

Then Aiden tackled elmo and they wrestled for a bit.

Then Elmo got to take a ride on Aiden's car (which he NEVER shares with anyone).

Now he's been asking to watch Elmo on TV...he's so freaking cute!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Strange Eating Habits

It seems as though our child has some serious issues when it comes to eating. Let see.....on Sunday he was quietly watching tv in our bedroom so I decided to get some laundry done. I snuck out into the hallway and began my chore. When I returned to the bedroom, Aiden had managed to find my Berts Bees chapstick and half of it was GONE. Was it on the, was it on Conclusion...he had eaten it. I can only imagine what his tougue felt like after that. I guess I have to watch him a little closer next time!!

Then, on Monday we were out running some errands. Aiden was of course sitting in the back in his seat and his diaper bag was sitting on the seat next to him (like it always is). We got home and when Luke went to get Aiden out of his seat, he was sitting there looking up at him with A&D ointment in his hand and there was a large amount all over his mouth. I'm guessing he was trying to use it as chapstick (that's his new thing..putting chapstick on as you can see from above). ICK!!

What will he eat today???

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby of the Week!!

It seem as though our little seed is baby of the week on I think I submitted a picture forever ago and earlier this week I got an email telling me that he would be on the home page for a week! It's so exciting!

What a funny picture too...he's wearing a cheerio!