Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Better Late than Never

May 8, 2010: this is the day my life changed forever....AGAIN!

Avery Mae Callas was born at 3:40am. She weighed in at [a whopping] 8lbs, 3oz (BIGGER than her brother I might add too).

I couldn't be happier that she's here, partly because I was the most misearble preggo in the world there at the end, but more because I finally get to hold her little body to mine and snuggle with her! She's precious (of course I'm biased) but we are all so happy! Aiden love his little sister. He wants to hold her and carry her around (and wishes mommy would just let him do it). He showers her with kisses everyday and my heart just melts every time he does it.

She's already got daddy wrapped around her little finger, well and mommy too!

I'm so blessed!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our family of 4

Our little girl is finally here. She arrived on Saturday, May 8th at 3:40am. My labor was very easy although here I am a week later and still a little sore, but that's to be expected. She's perfect in every way.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stick a fork in me!


We are four days away from our due date and I'd love nothing more to bring my second child into this world on Mothers Day, however as stated above...I'm DONE! I really do hate being so miserable about something so beautiful.

My patience is gone, I don't sleep and I ache all day long. I return to the doctors tomorrow and I have to make the big decision of whether or not I want to be induced. I really want the doctor that deliverd Aiden to deliver Avery and she's on call Saturday, SO...I can opt to be induced (providing conditions are favorable, but how can they NOT be)?????

I've been having a difficult time with thie decision. I didn't want to be induced with Aiden, however I was forced to do so because it was medically necessary. My biggest fear, even above the pain, is that I will have a C-section and I don't want that. I really want to have a vaginal birth and I fear that if I opt to be induced when my body's not ready, a cesarian is a big possibility.

Am I being silly? Probably, but at the same time I need to think about my family. Luke has put up with enough of 'evil' Noelle and is more than ready to have my not be pregnant anymore. Aiden has a mommy with no patience and I'm so tired all the time. It's not fair to them anymore either.

I think I have made my decision. I have a few more days to decide so we'll just have to wait and see!