Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had an amazing Thanksgiving this year. Luke and I had dinner at our house (I cooked my first turkey) and it all turned out very well! Here are some of the pictures we took!


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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Things I'm Thankful For!

I can't even begin to name all the things I'm thankful for! Here are the most important things:

1. My wonderful husband. I don't know if there is a greater man on the Earth. He loves his family with all his heart and I can't imagine this life without him. On top of it all, he puts his life on the line everyday for complete strangers. He is a GREAT man!

2. My beautiful Aiden. Where oh where would I be without him? I can't even imagine it. He has brought so much happiness to me and my heart is full of love. It's making my tear up just talkinig about it.

3. My current pregnancy. I'm so very thankful for the ability to have children and with the new addition coming to us, I couldn't be happier. While our family is wonderful now, another little one will only make things bigger and better!

4. My Family. Spending time with them is precious.

5. My friends. It's rare to go through life an have someone whom you can rely on when you need them. I have MANY people like that. I love all of my friends and feel truly blessed to have each and every one of them in my life!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little Angel

Something strange is in the air.

I don't know what, but for the last two days Aiden has been an absolute delight. Maybe it's because we have spent some time apart earlier last week. Luke and I have done some major redecorating of the first floor of our house so we had Aiden go stay with his Nanna for a night, but with naps and working I really hadn't gotten the chance to spend quality time with him.

Yesterday after he got up from his nap we met my sister to do some Christmas shopping and he was so good. Usually he gets antsy going from store to store, getting in and out of the car. He remained so content all day. Danielle and T came over to stay the night and the kids just played so great together. We listened to Christmas music and danced around and had the greatest time.

Today, Luke had a football game this morning so Aiden and I decided to go watch. Again, Aiden was a perfect angel. He sat on the bleachers and watched his daddy run up and down the field, cheering him on.

Something must be in the air...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Man, I have really been MIA lateley from blogging. I am just so busy with life. Let's see....things going on in the WORLD OF CALLAS:

1. WORK-it's going really well. I'm about to hire someone on for 2010 because I have taken on so much business that I can't handle it all by myself. I am also trying to get my website done(with the help of my wonderful mom, LOVE YA MOM).
2. CHILDREN-for those of you who don't already know, we are expecting our second child in May...the 9th to be exact. I'm now 14 weeks along and man, has this pregnancy been rough. With Aiden I felt great, from day one on. I have been so sick this go round and I'm hoping, NO I'M PRAYING that it goes away soon!
3. AIDEN-technically he should be part of number 2 but lately he's a category all of his own! He's talking so much now, saying so many words. He is even saying a phrase now, "there it is"! OH, and the MELTDOWNS...they are a pretty common occurance these days. Whenever he hears the word 'NO' he just loses it. It was amusing at first, now it's just plain annoying. Ah, the phases. Let this be a quick one!
4. HOUSE- since our patio has been done, we were able to get some room opened up in our house, so we have decided to do a complete remodel of the downstairs. We are basically going to rearrage rooms, making our living room space much larger to accomodate TWO children's things, instead of just one :) In addition to this, I have already began to 'nest' therefore I will be purging all of the unnecessary things from this house. PLUS, I have to pull out all the 'fat Noelle' clothes because I have already popped out and can no longer fit the size 2 that I worked so hard to get into (I know this is a good thing..but can't a girl dream about her size 2 jeans)!! Switching out wardrobes is no easy task...this alone will take days.

See...I have been busy. No time for blogging. I'll try harder though...need to keep those memories alive somehow!

Monday, November 2, 2009


The Callas family went all out this year and decided to all dress up to go trick or treating. It also happened that Saturday was one of Aiden's good friend's 3rd birthday party too! We went to Nattie's party (a BARBIE party) and then afterwards we headed out into the neighborhood.

I was a little worried with how Aiden would handle all the 'scary' parts of Halloween, but he had the best time. There was a group of about 15 of us.

Aiden taking a swing at Natalie's Barbie pinata! He actually did really well!

The boys taking a spin in the barbie car....I guess it was only fair considering they were the only boys there!

Aiden watching Nattie open up her gifts!

VĂ­spera de todos los Santos feliz!

Diego and Boots...cruisin' the neighboorhood looking for treats!