Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ocean City

Since we didn't have the opportinity to take a vacation this summer, Luke and I decided to go to Ocean City for a few days. I have to say that it was the best beach trip ever. We rented a condo in northern OC with Luke's mom from Monday to Friday. We got there mid day Monday and headed down to the beach in the late afternoon. Aiden just loved the sand. We were afraid that he would be scared of the beach (you know...kind of like he's scared of everything else) but he wasn't AT ALL!

He got out on the sand and bolted for the water. It was a bit chilly, but he just splashed around like a fish. We were down there for a long time, splashing and rolling around in the sand. I don't think I've ever seen our little man so happy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scaredy Cat

My son is a weanie (again I love him SO much and probably shouldn't say such things about him but it's true). He's scared of EVERYTHING.

The other day, during a walk, he cried when Luke put a leaf in his hand. He also cried when he got close to a tree. He cries when he hears the dryer buzzer go off.

The other night, he and I were sitting in my bedroom and I had the window open. We were talking and all of a sudden he got really quiet, as if he was trying to hear something. All I could hear were the crickets chirping outside, which is what he heard too, I'm guessing. Well...let me just tell you, he looked at me, looked towards the window, looked back at me and then began to cry. OVER CRICKETS CHIRPING OUTSIDE. Haha..doesn't it make you makes me laugh, but it's sort of frustrating too.

Today, we took him to HarvFest to see the animals. We had a great time, but walking around...NOT SEEING THE ANIMALS. He cried when he saw the alpacas, he cried when we got close to the donkey. He DID like the ducks but NOT the bull. He defnitely didn't like the camel but we did manage to get him to feed the camel some grapes (still crying though).

I love our little weanie!

We just arrived and already he's scared.
Ahh, we got him to feed the camel

Holding on to daddy for dear life.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A tantrum a day keeps the play time away!

Tantums, they've become a daily, I mean HOURLY routine in the Callas household lately. When Aiden doesn't get his way, down on the floor he goes and the screaming ensues. It's quite funny and when they begin he makes this really funny face and it's so hard not to laugh at him. The other day Luke, Robyn and I were sitting in the living room watching some news and Aiden walked over to Luke and grabbed the remote off his lap. Luke of course grabbed it back. By the look on Aiden's face, you would have thought we had pinched him really hard or something. His bottom lip curled down and in seconds he was crying hysterically. The three of us tried really hard not to laugh, but the face was just THAT funny.

I love our little guy so much it hurts so I should laugh at him when he's sad, but sometimes I just can't help it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Lil' Spooner

I thought it would take FOREVER for Aiden to learn how to use his utensils when eating. He picked up the fork faster, but the spoon, NOT SO MUCH.

We have been working VERY hard at the spoon. Each morning I give him his bowl of oatmeal or cereal (milk included) and after a lot of hard work, by gosh, he's finally got it!!!!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Great Escape (Part 2)

My children, and by children I mean kid and dog, sometimes amaze me (and anger me). On Monday Luke had to work so it was Aiden and I all day hanging out. Since I'm on a television hiatus, I decided to take Aiden outside to spend some time with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. While we were out there I trimmed my rose bush and got some beauties to bring inside. Once we were done, we headed inside which resulted in a tantrum of epic proportions. I left Aiden at the door and headed into the kitchen to put the roses in some water. After only, what felt like, seconds I turned the corner to find the front door wide open and dog and child nowhere in sight (Keep in mind that when we came in I locked the door and locked the dead bolt as well).

All the other moms out there can attest to my inital reaction of DREAD as I ran to the front door, leaving the roses behind laying on the ground. As I reached the door I could see Aiden standing on our front porch looking up at me with this look of triumph on his face, given the fact that he had returned outside once again! From Aiden, I glanced up across the street and there went MacKenzie...sprinting as fast as he could in the opposite direction. All I could say was "OH CRAP".

I dashed across the street, dropped Aiden off with my neighbor (thank goodness they were home) and darted down the street after my pain in the rear dog. TEN MINUTES LATER....we returned home.

Needless to say, we have babyproofed the front door along with every other door in our home now. I guess it's better that I find out now that Aiden can open the dead bolt than later, right??

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Snowing Salt

Messes. There seem to be A LOT of them these days which I know is only to be expected. Today, Luke and I were trying to get some things done around the house and Aiden was screaming that he wanted to eat so I put him in his seat and strapped him in. I rarely do this anymore, but since I couldn't watch him like a hawk I decided to. I ran outside for a second to pick some things up in the yard and when I came back in it looked like it has snowed all over my kitchen table. Aiden had managed to pull the table cloth over so that he could get his little hands on the salt shaker and just had a party with it. Salt was EVERYWHERE.

UGGGGGH! All over him, the table, the dog, the floor, the chairs, IN HIS EYELASHES. I'm thankful he didn't get any in his eyes.

Just another fun day in the life of the Callas family!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The TV Monster that I've Created!

I always said that I would be one of those mom's who wouldn't let my child watch a ton of television. I feel extremely guilty saying this, but I think I have failed. With me starting a new business and being home so much with Aiden, I find myself using the television to get work done.

First it was Yo Gabba Gabba. He wanted to watch it every morning when he woke up which I thought wasn't too bad, so I let him. It progressed from there. Every minute of the day when he realizes that he's bored, he brings me the remote chanting "babba babba....babba babba".

Over the last week he has changed his television preference from Gabba to Yogi Bear. Back before we went to Jellystone I recorded an episode for Aiden to watch so he would know who Yogi was. One day last week we put Yogi on instead of Gabba and now all we hear is "gogi.......gogi" with remote in hand.

I have decided to put my foot down. Aiden is now back in daycare two days a week (which I'm sure isn't helping me AT ALL) but Robyn has him two days a week and she is on board with us . NO MORE TELEVISION. One show per day. I'm dedicated to making Aiden stay active doing things that will help his brain, NOT ROT IT!!

Wish me luck!