Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saving the World one bottle at a time!

I have always been one to care about our environment, but lately I have been on one HUGE recycling kick. I set up a recycling program at home (hehe…Luke hates it) and I have even taken it upon myself to collect and deliver all recyclable items at work to our local center. Unfortunately our local trash collection doesn't do it where we live but it's even crossed my mind to try to get a program up and running there too. I even went as far as to say that I would take some time on the weekend to drive around and collect trash from the side of the road for recycling (which in turn got me one ugly/confused stare from my husband). I know it's a little extreme, but it REALLY BOTHERS me to see people throw away things that can be recycled. I'm doing my part...and I guess that's all I can do for now.
If you wanna join my crusade check out the Virginia Recycling Association.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Apple Pickin'

This weekend was wonderful. Saturday Luke, Aiden and I got up, hung out for a bit and then headed out to run some errands. In the afternoon, Aiden and I headed over to Clarke County to visit my good friend Kelly who's visiting from Colorado. Karm, Megan and Stace came too and it was such a pleasant afternoon of catching up. We picked apples with all the kiddies and ate some grapes right off the vine. I love hanging out with my good girlfriends from high school. We are so blessed to still have each other and to be so close. It's so funny to look around and think about where we were just five years ago. Now we are settling down and starting families.

Good Friends!

Aiden w/ his new friends!

Sally w/ Auntie Karm

Sunday, September 21, 2008

They grow SO Fast!

Well...he's crawling now...not your standard crawl but the army crawl. It's actually pretty funny to watch him, but gosh is he FAST! I will turn away for a second and when I look back, he's across the room, tangled in some cord (he loves those too) or reaching for the dog's bowl.

I headed to Target on Saturday to get some things I needed and I finally used my last gift card from the baby shower to buy Aiden some toys (thanks Karm). I looked for the Fisher Price Peek-A-Boo blocks but I couldn't find them so I ended up buying the Roll A Rounds. They are great toys, but couldn't be any more inconvenient for a mommy who "tries" to keep her house somewhat organized and clean. PLUS as soon as I pour the package of them on the ground they all roll away from Aiden under some piece of furniture. Aiden is left there sitting with maybe one of them in his hand.

Aiden now has both of this front bottom teeth. We had a few rough weeks with teething. It started to get better, but now he's getting three, YES THREE up top now. Poor little fella...hopefully they will come in quickly!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Go Skins!!

Man, I love football season, more so than most women I know. There's nothing better than throwing my Monk jersey on and going to a friend's house to watch the skins play ball. I know it's only the week 3 but GO SKINS!! We're gonna kick some Cowboy A** (well hopefully)!!

Even Aiden is a HUGE fan! (hehe)

Four Generations!

September produced many of the members of Luke's family, including his grandpa, who's birthday is on September 11th. He's 81 this year!! We ventured to Waynesboro, PA through the rain and wind on Saturday to spend the day with him and Luke's mom's side of the family. It's not every day that you can get four generations of one family in the same room. I really hope that Aiden get's to know his Great Granddad because he is truly a wonderful person!

We started the day off with some bowling. Turns out Luke's granddad and his wife are excellent bowlers. It's been so long since Luke or I bowled..needless to say we were terrible, but it was loads of fun. After bowling we headed over to thier house for some good eatin'. Aiden was so well behaved all day. It's the first time meeting most of the people there and he was such a happy boy all day long. The three of us were exhausted when we got home which made for a great night of sleep.

Sunday was full of football in the Callas household. After Luke's flag football game, we went and met some friends out and enjoyed some adult time! It was a fun filled weekend!

Bowling with the fam!

Daddy and Aiden having some fun!

Aiden and his Great Granddad

Aiden playing with his second cousing Joshua

Aiden's found a new hobby...drummer!!

Daddy and Aiden watching football!

Friday, September 5, 2008


So I have been a MIA lately. It's probably because I've been so busy....busy LOSING WEIGHT that is!! Yeah, that's right...FINALLY, I have found something that works for me. I am currently on weight watchers and Monday will make three weeks. I have lost 8 lbs so far and the weight just keeps coming off. I am now 4 lbs away from my "pre Aiden" weight!! It's really much easier than I ever imagined. I can eat whatever as long as I portion my meals and exercise (I have been running/walking 2 miles a day). I'm loving it!