Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pottie in the bed???

Sunday morning started very different than most. I awoke to Aiden fussing (basically telling me it was feeding time) so I strolled into his room. I reached in to pick him up and realized that he was SOAKING wet. I placed him on his changing table and with a closer look, I noticed that his jammies were unbuttoned and one side of his diaper was basically hanging off of his body. I guess he was tired of being wet so he decided to do somthing about it.

I proceeded to remove the rest of the diaper and to my dismay I found a nice surprise. Without hesitating, I looked over into the crib and there it was...another surprise. All I thought was, 'Oh my god...Aiden has been rolling around his his own poo all morning...YUCKY'. I took him to the bath and as he sat there splashing around, I just started to giggle. In's pretty darn funny.

Maybe I will have to start duck taping Aiden's diapers on him, then there will be no more surprises!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Deep South!

Last week we spent some much needed time away in good ole' Al-a-bam-a. Luke, Aiden and I all traveled via air to the sunny south to visit my mom and James. It was a much needed getaway and a whole lot of time was spent catching up, resting and relaxing. We arrived on Tuesday. We spent most of that day sitting around the pool. Unfortunatley it was a bit chilly for swimming so mom turned the hot tub down and Aiden and I got in. We had a blast. I haven't seen Aiden so happy about anything EVER.

Thursday we headed to the Mongomery zoo were I was surprised to see many really cool animals. I think Luke had more fun than any of us (he took about 100 pictures of the rinos and lions).

Friday mom and I went to get our hair cut by her very nice very "stylish" hairdresser Kong. Later that day my sister lisa came over from Atlanta with her husband and two kids. We spent the afternoon hanging out and playing the wii. It was so great to see them and it was the kid's first meeting with Aiden. They all seemed to enjoy each others company.
Fast foward a day and we are back in Virginia. Overall, Aiden did great on the flight there and back. It got a little hairy for a bit and I think that Luke sweat enough for the both of us, but I have to say he was a little champ. Our visit went WAY to fast. Why is that?? I don't know whene we will make our way back down but I hope soon!

Pics from our trip:

Mommy and Aiden on the flight down!

Aiden, Apollo and Looey (the craziest, most "love crazed" dog I have ever seen)

Aiden and mommy hangin' with Apollo

Aiden bouncing in this cool tye-dye sweatshirt grammy and James got him from the beach (it's a 2T by the way and WAY too big for him right now)

Daddy and Aiden

Mommy and Aiden in the hot tub

Pics from the Zoo:

New Pics

Here are some new pics!

Aiden and mommy having a little fun!

Aiden loves chewing on mommy's sweatshirt string.

Our little model

Aiden knows he's not supposed to get into the dog food.

What a smile this boy has!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our First Illness

We made it 8 and a half months. Aiden has finally gotten his first illness. He was diagnosed wtih Bronchitis yesterday. Poor little guy has the WORST cough and a little fever. He's hangin in there. We leave for Alabama next week so I'm hoping he gets better before we leave. Hopefully the amoxicillin will kick some butt! Despite being sick, he's still the BEST BABY EVER and happy as can be!

20 lbs DOWN!

WW Update:

I have officially lost 20 lbs from the day I started (which was August 19th)!!! It's very exciting, as I am continuoulsy having to pack clothes away that no longer fit! I'll keep you updated, as I am 7 lbs away from my goal!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dental Woes

I HATE THE DENTIST...more than most people I know. I have always had very soft teeth which make the best homes for cavities, and believe me, I have had my fair share. Lately though I have been on this awesome stretch, CAVITY FREE.

Unfortunately, my last visit brought some bad news. My dentist informed me that I would need a crown and after cancelling on two separate occasions, I finally went in last Thursday to begin the process. They put in a temporary crown and sent me on my way. I am six days later and I am still in pain. I have been taking Tylenol which makes the pain go away but as soon as the meds wear off, the pain resumes. I have been back to the dentist once already and I have to go back tomorrow so they can check things out again. If the pain doesn't subside, I will be forced to get a root canal. UGGG.

Did I mention that I HATE THE DENTIST...

I guess it could be worse, I could look like this chic...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day at the Races!

Every fall my company sponsors the Virginia Fall Races in Middleburg, so we get this amazing spot on the finish line. It was this past weekend and we all had a blast. I even won some money betting on the last race!

Aiden is intrigued by the horses!
Nattie stole my hat

Luke and I enjoying the day!

The ladies

Happy Fans!

Our Skins are 4 and 1 now and the Callas clan couldn't be happier!

(We really need to get Kenzie a jersey too!!)