Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where'd My Baby Go?

The Temper tantrems...oh the temper tantrems. They have begun (SIGH).

Basically since Friday of last week, we get one a day...sometimes even two. It's really hard to not laugh at Aiden when he looks at you, turns away and begins screaming at the top of his lungs. They can start at the drop of a hat. Whenever the big "NO" comes, from either daddy or I, he just loses it.

Where did my cute, cuddle muffin go?

He's hiding somewhere....and now I have this little toddler who wants his way or no way. I know this is how it goes, but it's definitley a reality check when it happens for the first time. We have to step it up as parents and begin to set boundaries...ones that will be tested at every turn. This is where it gets fun and complicated...disciplining, communication barriers and such.

Parenthood is truly the greatest blessing, even with the little moments like these!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Blues

I am SO over the cold weather. I'm over sicknesses, being stuck indoors, snow, sleet and freezing rain.

Aiden is better, he's eating LOTS of solid food, but it seems that whatever lingered around for all this time has struck me in the form of a nasty (and I mean NASTY) cold. I am going on day four with the inability to taste anything. I can't eat, due to the fact that I can't taste what I'm eating. What a mess! I went to the doctor today which for me was a HUGE step. The last time I went to the dr (non baby related) was when I was like ten. I don't take medicine for anything...but I hardly ever get sick. This cold has really been kicking my butt, so I broke down and went. Turns out I have a sinus infection (SIGH).

Who'd a thunk it??

Amoxicilian to the rescue...we'll see :)

Spring...oh Spring...whheeeerrrrreeee aaaaarrrrrreeeee yyyyooooouuuuuuuu?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Cheerios Book

Have you seen these books? They are really quite AWESOME. On each page there are items missing and your child can fill in the missing items with cheerios. For example...on the first page, similar to the cover, there are several cars and one of the cars is missing it's tires. You fill in the tires w/ the cheerios. It teaches sensory, fine motor, cognitive, and verbal skills, plus.

Plus it's a FUN and YUMMY time!

I originally bought this book for Aiden as a birthday present but being the forgetful mommy that I can sometimes be I totally forgot to give it to him. Yesterday, while cleaning out his closet, I found it and gave it to him. Once he spotted it his eyes lit up. As he turned the pages be would try to pull the picture of the cheerios on page. Frustration set in quickly as he continued to fail over and over again. I decided it best if I just give him his own real cheerios.

From that point on he sat on the ground, happy with his handful of cheerios and his cheerios book!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Tiny Dancer

Aiden is the WORLDS FUNNIEST DANCER. We were all hanging out in the living room this weekend and I began singing "The Wheels on the Bus" which is his favorite song. We've been singing this to him since day one. He began to dance...or as we like to call it twirl about in circles until he falls down dizzy....


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Virus Saga Continues

I am so glad this week is almost over. It seems that this virus really took a toll on Aiden. Update to our week:

Thursday: Silly me thought that Aiden's 12 month was today, turn out it's NEXT TUESDAY so I make a sick appt for Aiden at his dr. office and she decides that it would be best for Aid to get some fluids via IV. We spend the evening in the hospital. The nurses at the hospital were GREAT even though it took them four tries to get the IV in. His poor veins were busting due to the dehydration.
Friday: We get home from hosptial around 1 and Aiden is still acting tired and cranky and still not eating anything
Saturday: Luke and I had tickets to see Avenue Q in DC so Robyn came to watch Aiden...he's still not eating much, but Robyn did get him to drink some milk from a bottle.
Sunday: Aiden is finally eating again (WHOOOO HOOOO). It began this morning and he has continued to eat and drink all day. He's not eating as much as usual but at least it's a start...but now he has a fever, a nasty wet cough and runny noes. AT LEAST HE'S EATING!!!

Tomorrow a new week begins. Please oh please make this one a better one!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Norovirus, AKA "Pain in the A#%"

I don't get sick, Luke doesn't get sick...in the 5 years that we have been together I think we each have thrown up maybe once from being sick and it was a fluke thing each time.

Well...my how things change when you have a child. This past weekend was Aiden's big par-tay and someone showed up with a nasty little bug and IT HAS ATTACKED MY FAMILY...AND THE SWEENEY FAMILY AND SEVERAL OTHERS THAT WERE IN ATTENDANCE. Not only do I feel bad b/c all these people got it at my house but I feel bad b/c I feel bad, well I felt bad...literally.

The VA Dept of Health has issued a statement that a norovirus has struck VA http://www.vdh.state.va.us/Epidemiology/Surveillance/norovirus.htm.

It's really the most horrible thing...this has been my week thus far:

Sunday- Luke was working while Aiden and I were laid up all day sick, Aiden was spewing from both ends, I was achy and feverish and my stomach was in knots
Monday- I was still sick but I went to work and toughed it out all day..Aiden stayed home with daddy and seemed fine but was still spewing from one end (YUCK) and wouldn't eat any solids
Tuesday- Luke wakes up spewing from both ends....I take Aiden to daycare only to have to pick him up early b/c he's still blowing out his diapers and he's running a fever. I am starting to feel a little better, but my stomach is still knotty.
Wednesday- Luke's better, I'm better, but poor little Aiden still has diarrhea which has given him diaper rash and he won't eat much of anything. Oh and the dog's puking too...WTF?

Tomorrow is Aiden's 12 month checkup so we will have the doctors give him a good look over then. I'm pretty sure they are going to tell us that there is nothing they can do...to keep him comfortable and hydrated.

In addition to Aiden having this "Pain in the A#$" sickness, he's also getting some teeth. He's been gnawing on any and everything he can fit into his mouth. I must say though...he has been the best sport. He's really been the best sick kid imaginable. He whines a little bit but other than that, he's buisness as usual. Yesterday he was even dancing. His idea of dancing is spinning around in circles until he falls down. I meant to get it on video but I couldn't get to my camera in time. Hopefully I'll catch it next time.

Until then...

Birthday Pics

Here are some pics from Aiden's first birthday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

He's ONE!!!!

Wow! I know I say it a lot on here but time does fly by so fast. My little Aiden is One.

After scrambling around on Friday and Saturday morning the party got under way at 2 on Saturday. We celebrated with close friends and family. He did quite well considering all the people and chaos that birthday parties can sometimes bring.

Watching him dive into his cake (made specially for him by Miss Watterworth) was quite the scene. It took him a little while to dig in but once he did...HE DID. What a mess but it was all worth it. He got some really great toys..not to many though which made me happy...he alreay has way too many.

I will post the pictures from his party later.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Aiden's New Things....one GOOD and one BAD

GOOD: Aiden is a talking machine. He's not making much sense to anyone but himself of course, but he loves to chit chat. He called all sorts of people yesterday and told him all about his day. It's the cutest thing to watch him carry on long conversations. His facial expressions even change as he gabs on.

Words that do make sense: Mamma, Daddy, Ball, Mac (for MacKenzie) and I'm pretty sure he says Yeah.

BAD: Aiden is swatting at things now....at ALL things. Even me. When he gets frustrated he swats. When you tell him no he swats. When you smile at him HE SWATS. He swatted at MacKenzie yesterday so hard that he hurt him. Mommy had to discipline big time for that one. I guess it's just a phase but man, I wish it would hurry up and pass.