Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School, Soccer and Swimming...OH MY!

Summer, OH summer, where have you gone? Why does it feel like only yesterday that I started my outdoor swim lessons?

I'm sad to see it go, but happy at the same time. The close of summer brings all sorts of new changes for the Callas Family!

Luke is now employed by Frederick County (YAY) and no longer has to commute to FRO RO! There are several other perks but it's definitely a change for everyone!

Aiden started preschool last Thursday and let me just say...WHAAAAA HOOOOO!! He loves it! He actually cried this morning when I went to drop him off at Miss Terri's house. He only has school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so today he's at daycare all day. He really pitched a fit because he couldn't go to his 'big boy school'. I hope this attitude continues well into his high school years!

He also started soccer this week. It's pretty comical to watch. There are no actual games, he's just learning how to play....well sort of. His idea of learning is running in circles for an hour...and maybe kicking the ball a few times. I know hes having a great time, which makes me happy! In warm ups on Monday, the coach was having the kids stretch out and she asked them to swing their arms as if they were swimming. MY CHILD gets down on his tummy and really pretends to swim...figures having a mom for a swim teacher :)

Speaking of swimming, work is as busy as ever! I was hoping to get a vacation sometime in the near future, but looks like I'll have to wait.

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